Washington County Sheriff - Accident Reconstruction

Specially trained Deputies investigate our most serious accidents, working to come up with precise answers to difficult questions: " Exactly what happened and why?" Their work can help answer these questions by recreating the events leading up to the accident from evidence left behind.

How Did that Happen?


Accident reconstruction lane markersThe Crash Reconstruction Unit is comprised of a small group of highly trained deputies whose mission is to assist in the investigation of serious traffic accidents involving injury or death. These deputies have been trained in the use of photogrammetry software which can use digital photographs to produce 3D measurements in a computer. These measurements are then used to produce highly detailed scale diagrams from which calculations can be made to determine a vehicle’s speed, direction of movement and other factors that may have contributed to an accident.


Accident reconstruction highway markers

Crash Unit members frequently consult with the Sheriff and the District Attorney prior to decisions being made regarding criminal charges or citations being issued to drivers involved in serious accidents.


Accident reconstruction at night

In 2015, the Crash Reconstruction Unit assisted in 8 serious accident investigations in which 5 people were injured and 7 people lost their lives. Unit members also assist the Patrol Division in calculating speed and other factors contributing to less serious accidents and assist in the preparation of crime scene diagrams.



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