Washington County Sheriff - Awards

It is the policy of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to extend recognition and acknowledge outstanding performance, achievements and acts of service by its employees and citizens.

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Nomination Information and Definitions

Acts of bravery, kindness and assistance are performed every day by our employees and the citizens of Washington County. We would like to give you the opportunity to nominate a Washington County Sheriff employee who has met the criteria listed below; while employees are encouraged to also nominate citizens who meet the criteria.

You may print the PDF forms located on the Award Instructions Form and complete it by hand for the specific award nomination form.


The Law Enforcement Medal of Honor award - Circumstance(s) where employee, in line of duty, intelligently performs an act of extraordinary heroism or bravery involving personal injury or risk of imminent personal hazard of life, in direct combat or in saving or attempting to save or rescue the life of another with knowledge of the danger assumed, above and beyond that expected in the line of duty.
The Law Enforcement Medal of Valor award - Heroism involving the voluntary risk of an employee’s own safety in the attempt to save the life of another.  Or bravery above and beyond the call of duty in the apprehension of an armed and dangerous adversary who, if allowed to remain at large, would present an imminent and substantial danger to the community, and where such apprehension constitutes a real and present danger to the employee’s life.
The Law Enforcement Purple Heart award - This award would be for an employee due to injury or death sustained during the normal performance of job or action due to confrontation with a criminal and not be accidental death or injury.    
The Department Commendation award - Awarded for unusual achievement, acts or accomplishments resulting from exceptional alertness, initiative, proficiency and/or attention to duty which do not merit the aforementioned awards, but justify appropriate recognition.
The Letter of Acknowledgement award - Awarded to a member when duties are above normal and routine, or for an outstanding accomplishment which has resulted in improved administration, improved operation or substantial savings in manpower and operational costs where the member has gone far beyond the requirements of the normal assignment to contribute to more effective and efficient law enforcement service. This award will also be given to a citizen who goes beyond the scope of a bystander and assists someone in distress and took the time to take the extra step. This would include but not be limited to staying to assist person after a 911 call is made, to keep person calm and to provide minor medical attention and the like.


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