Washington County Jail - Booking

Information available below, regarding the rules and regulations for the Washington County Jail.


The Booking process follows many Federal, State and municipal laws.

There are two separate steps involved in the Booking process, you can find more information regarding those steps below.

Issued Items at Booking:

After you are booked, you will be issued a uniform, (1) washcloth, (2) boxers (1) boxer for employed Hubers, (2) sheets, (1) towel, (2) blankets, (1) pair of sandals, and (1) pair of socks. Soap, toothpaste, (1) toothbrush, comb, and a Styrofoam cup will be provided when you are moved out of the receiving area. One complete set of clothing must be kept in the Jail at all times. Any property left in the Jail after 30 days of your release will be disposed of.



Some Washington County inmates are granted, by the Judge, the right to leave the Jail under Huber Law privileges. The jail determines how the privilege will be exercised. Read on to see what qualifications are required. Read More

Posting Bond

It is the policy of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to extend recognition and acknowledge outstanding performance, achievements and acts of service by its employees and citizens.
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