Washington County Sheriff - Drug Identification

The illegal use of drugs affects everyone in our community. Recognizing these drugs and learning about the threats they pose can help reduce drug related crime.


Cocaine is widely available in our jurisdiction and its availability is not decreasing. It is a commonly encountered drug, traditionally available here similarly to marijuana. In the last two years, arrests for distributing crack and cocaine are down, being overshadowed by the surge of heroin and opiate abuse such as heroin and prescription drugs. Powder had been the predominant form for cocaine available for sale here, although it was apparent end users were often converting the powder to crack for their own use.

In June 2007, the drug unit executed a search warrant in the Village of Germantown. That investigation eventually led to the arrest of a subject and the seizure of one-quarter kilo of crack cocaine, two vehicles and $8,800 in cash. Much of that crack cocaine was likely destined to be sold in Washington County communities.

Cocaine and crack have been responsible for thefts and burglaries to support addictions. It has also been linked to more violent crimes like fights and robberies. Property and motor vehicle thefts in our jurisdiction have been done by addicts wanting to sell whatever he/she can to buy more crack. A suspect arrested for thefts and a gas station robbery in Germantown in 2006 was motivated by his crack addiction. In 2009 a crack addict was charged with a burglary for attempting to break in to a gun safe to get guns to sell for crack. He had just gotten out of prison the year before for committing burglaries driven by crack addiction.

Cocaine that comes to this area is normally in powder form. It originates from Mexico, California and the southwestern border states and is distributed through Milwaukee and Chicago.  Cocaine sells for approximately $900-$1000 per ounce, $80-$100 per gram, with crack prices slightly higher.



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