Washington County Sheriff - Command Post

Emergencies arise all over our county. There are many times when severe weather, mass casualties and lengthy investigations are needed. The Mobile Command Post accomplishes this mission.

Mobile Command Post Information

On May 31, 2011 the Washington County Sheriff’s Office took delivery of a 41’ Type II Mobile Emergency Operation Center (EOC), built by Pierce Manufacturing of Appleton, Wisconsin.   The unit was purchased exclusively with Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) grant monies that were secured through the county’s Office of Emergency Management.  It was mainly built to assist emergency response leaders during their execution of major incidents and/or events.  The Mobile EOC is made available to the various public safety agencies located throughout Washington County upon request. 

The Mobile EOC is a technologically advanced piece of apparatus able to run large scale incidents from a remote location.  The unit is powered by an on-board 30 kW diesel generator, capable of providing excess power for additional external needs.  The unit’s interior includes a conference room, three-person dispatch center, and a work/interview area.  After a request for the Mobile EOC is approved by the Sheriff’s Office, specifically trained deputies will transport the unit to the desired staging location and remain on-scene to facilitate its operation and capabilities.    


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Command Post SWAT inside post
Command Post SWAT Planning
assignments given Briefing Holy Hill
Assignments Briefing At Holy Hill
Cardinal's visit
Cardinal's Visit



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