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Whether you are at a county office in our Government Center or attending court in the secure Justice Center, providing you with a safe environment in which to do business is the responsibility of the Court Services Division

Court Services


Justice Center BldgJustice Center

In the Washington County Justice and Government Centers, maintaining a safe and efficient working environment for court staff, county employees, deputies and visitors is the responsibility of the Court Services Division. A Sergeant, three Deputies and two Special Deputies are responsible for courtroom security, prisoner movement, security requests and general building security, while two Special Deputies man the screening station at the secure entrance to the Justice Center. 

Court Officer Bailiffs

Each day, deputies provide courtroom security for the circuit court judges and court commissioners. On average, Court Services deputies transport over 225 inmates from the county jail to the Justice Center each month. In 2013, deputies responded to 1,342 security requests made by court staff or county employees working in the Justice Center.


Court Screening area Monitoring

55,270 people entered the Justice Center through the secure screening station. Each person and their belongings are checked and scanned. As a result, over 1,286 contraband items were seized or prevented from entering the facility. Contraband items include pocket and utility knives, scissors, tools and other items that could potentially be used as a weapon.

Justice Center Control StationMonitoring

The Washington County Most Wanted Program continued with deputies assigned to the Justice Center researching and submitting subjects to be profiled by local media outlets. A subject was profiled each week. Of the 52 subjects profiled, 34 of the subjects were located after their profile was published in the paper and shown on cable TV.



The Sheriff has a responsibility to transport individuals to and from court as a part of his constitutional duty to attend to the courts. In 2013 the Washington County Sheriff’s Transport vanOffice contracted with Lock and Load LLC to conduct the majority of prisoner transports. The Sheriff’s Office remained responsible for medical transports from the jail, certain mental health transports and two out of State (Illinois) extraditions.

Seven (7) prisoners were extradited back to Wisconsin to face criminal charges in 2013. Sheriff’s Office personnel did one (1) of the extraditions and Lock & Load LLC did the remaining six (6) from Louisville KY, Miami FL, Cook County IL, Cucamonga, CA, Tampa, FL and Delta County MI.


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