Washington County Sheriff - Crime Tip Line

If you see crime happening or have information about a crime that has taken place, we have a special line for you to call. By helping us to do our jobs, you can be a part of the solution to crime in your community.

Washington County Crime Tip Line


Usually, we face up to our civic duty by calling the police or sheriff and assisting the legal process in any way we can. At other times, though, it might seem more prudent to stay out of the limelight, possibly to protect ourselves or our family from harm. That's a judgment we each have to make when the time comes. There is a program in Washington County that allows us to remain anonymous while helping the police to deal with crime in our community. In that sense, we could keep our security while helping to remove the source of our danger.

That program is called, the "Washington County Law Enforcement Tip Line". It offers cash rewards of up to $1,000 per case to citizens who provide information that leads to the arrest and conviction of criminals in Washington County. At the same time, all informants remain anonymous even when being paid. Of course, you can still receive a reward while using your own name if you have provided the information through the "Washington County Law Enforcement Tip Line" program and an arrest and conviction have been made as a result of your information.

A toll-free number is provided and will be monitored 24 hours a day. Rewards will be based on arrest and conviction. The Washington County Chiefs of Police Association will determine the amount of the reward.

If you think you are a witness to a crime, call the "Washington County Law Enforcement Tip Line" at: 1-800-232-0594. This tip line is administered by the Washington County Chiefs of Police Association

The Washington County Chiefs of Police Association includes the sheriff of Washington County, the chiefs of police for all municipalities in Washington County, and the Washington County district attorney.


The number to call anonymously is: 1-800-232-0594.


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