Washington County Jail - Electronic Monitoring

The Washington County Jail allows a limited number of inmates the opportunity to serve their sentence in the community. Specific qualifications are listed below to apply for this program

Electronic Monitoring Procedures

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office operates an Electronic Monitoring Program as an alternative to physical confinement within the facility, providing a cost effective, structured and monitored environment.  Our office utilizes GPS technology as a tool to assist with monitoring the movements and compliance of inmates enrolled on the Program.  GPS technology combined with home visits allows Officers to more closely monitor inmate movement while increasing the level of community safety.

The Electronic Monitoring Program was designed for offenders who pose a minimal risk to the community, yet whose behavior and offense indicate a need for close supervision.  The program can be used for offenders who have special needs or problems tht may be better handled in their home environment.

1.  Electronic Monitoring Program may be used as a tool to:

2.  Inmates are selected for participation in the Electronic Monitoring Program based
     on the following criteria:

3.  Each inmate will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may, by using the
     following criteria, be considered ineligible for the Electronic Monitoring Program:

All input from the above resources will be taken into consideration while determining participation in the Program, with the final approval or denial coming from the Sheriff. The Sheriff may waive or add conditions to any individual inmate's participation in the Electronic Monitoring Program.


Electronic Monitoring Rules & Violations

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