Washington County Jail - Huber Inmates

Some Washington County inmates are granted, by the Judge, the right to leave the Jail under Huber Law privileges. The jail determines how the privilege will be exercised. Read on to see what qualifications are required.

Huber Law

Huber Law 303.08 
Any person sentenced to a County Jail for a crime, non-payment of a fine or forfeiture, or contempt of court, may be granted the leaving of Jail during necessary and reasonable hours for any of the following purposes:

By order of the Court, the wages or salaries of the employed prisoners shall be disbursed by the Sheriff for the following purposes, in the order stated:

The Sheriff may refuse to permit the prisoner to exercise the prisoner’s privilege to leave the Jail not to exceed 5 days for each breach of discipline or violation of Jail regulations.

Huber Employment

Huber Law inmates confined to the Washington County Jail may be granted the privilege of leaving the Jail for the purpose of working at at a job, provided the following criteria is met.
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Huber Employment restrictions

Even with a Court order to have the opportunity of maintaining outside employment, there are restrictions to this privilege. Rules and regulations are tightly monitored and reviewed.
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Huber Ordinance & Fees

Huber Law inmates are given the opportunity to leave the jail for employment, but are also obligated to pay fees for this privilege.
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