Washington County Jail - General Information

Washington Co Jail is a diverse state and federal governed program . There are special hours for visitors, wake-up times, rules for mail and recreation and more. These pages will give you all the information you will need to learn about the jail inmate regimine.


The Jail address is:

500 N Schmidt Road
West Bend, WI  53095
Phone Number (262)-335-4427 

Alcohol Abuse Programs:
Weekly programs are provided.   You should inquire about the days and times from the Jail staff.

Inmates are permitted to call their attorney after their booking is completed. If contact is not made, you may try to call later. Attorneys may visit their clients from 8:00am – 10:00pm with the exception of the closed periods listed in the Professional Visitation Information Page

Booking Fee:
All sentenced prisoners will be charged a booking fee in accordance with Washington County Ordinance 5.10 Maintenance and Board for County Jail Prisoners.

Court Appearance:
The court schedules the time for the inmate’s court appearance. Corrections Officers are not aware of your appearance time until notified by the court. The Corrections Officer will make arrangements for your appearance. Notice will be given as soon as possible. You will be required to appear in court in proper attire. This includes wearing socks and sandals, shirt, and wearing your jumpsuit up and snapped. You will not make a court appearance for Municipal Court. Municipal Court will contact us on your disposition.

If you were sentenced as a condition of probation or are serving a sentence under the Municipal Court, you will receive no good time unless authorized by the Court.

If you were sentenced to the County Jail and not placed in Jail as a condition of your probation, you may earn up to ¼ good time.


clipboardInmate Accounts

Inmates have an expense account set up when they are first booked into the jail. Money from this account may be used for phone calls and commissary items.

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mailInmate Mail/Magazines/Books

Inmates may receive mail, magazines and books from outside the jail system. All of these, however must meet strict guidelines. Once these are met, these may be sent to the inmate.
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programsInmate Programs/Recreation

Inmates have options to attend group classes, meetings and play games during certain hours. Some of these programs are explained in this article.
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medical staff iconInmate Medical Services

All inmates have access to medical care. The jail has a Registered Nurse on the premises 24/7. Physicians are on call and come into the jail to meet with inmates. Read More . . .

phoneInmate Calls, Cells, Linens

Inmates have privileges and responsibilities. These are explained in this article. Inmates have access to make phone calls, need to keep their cells clean, including changing linens.
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cameraInmate Photos/Prints/Complaints

Rules and regulations govern the taking of photographs and inmate fingerprints. These are explained here. Also should the inmate have a complaint/grievance, there are rules and forms for that.
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JuvenilesInmate Personal Info

This section covers all the information for rules governing showers, wake up times, special diets and TV.
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