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This job description gives you some insight into the many duties and responsibilities of a Special Deputy with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

There is ongoing recruitment at this time.

Special Deputy

The Special Deputy Program offers people a unique opportunity to work in the law enforcement field and gain valuable law enforcement experience. 

A Special Deputy is a part-time employee of the Sheriff’s Office who works at the sole discretion of the Sheriff.  Special Deputies are uniformed, weapons-carrying officers with full arrest authorities.  They are governed by the same policies and procedures that govern full-time Deputies. The current wage rate for a Special Deputy with state law enforcement certification is $17.42 per hour.

Special Deputies primarily work in three areas:

People serve as Special Deputies primarily because they enjoy the variety of work and wish to serve the community. Special Deputies may work up to a few hundred hours of paid assignments per year working contract assignments and transport work. Those assigned to courthouse security may have a more set schedule and more hours depending on their experience level and availability. The position does not include guaranteed work hours or benefits such as healthcare coverage, life insurance, paid time off or other benefits. There may also be personal costs in the form of uniforms and equipment to join the program.

The Sheriff’s Office recruits Special Deputy candidates throughout the year. If you would like to learn more about applying to be a Special Deputy, please carefully review the Special Deputy Information Packet (PDF)* posted on this web site. It will provide you with a job description, application requirements and an important information sheet about the program. If you decide to apply, application materials may be picked up at the front counter of the Sheriff’s Office or can be mailed to you upon request.

The Coordinator for the Special Deputy Program is Lt. Jason Guslick (262-335-4879).

To view open positions within the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and throughout the County, please view all possible positions at the Washington County Human Resource Department Website Page

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