Washington County Sheriff - Safety Photos

Oops! What's wrong with this picture? Here are just a few violations found by our Deputies when doing truck and trailer inspections.

Truck and Trailer Violations

Routine stops can reveal unsafe truck and trailer conditions.

bad hitch

Bad Hitch

Dangerous problem in traffic.

Bad tire

Bad Tire

Driving on bald tires is an accident waiting to happen.

Bad tire cord

Bad Cord

Keep track of mileage on tires.

Chafing Hose

Nothing gets you stranded faster than a cracked or broken hose.

Cracked Drum

Check your brakes often; this crack is bad.



Be aware of your surroundings and oncoming traffic.

missing brakes

Missing Brakes

Get your brakes checked regularly.

missing pin

Missing Pin

Something small could cause serious injuries on the road.

Skid Loader

Never depend on the weight of an item to hold it down.

Rusted Brakes

Improper Brake Maintenance leads to rusted brake chamber.



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