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The ICE notification service provides release and custody information about offenders in county jails. ICE notification is anonymous. You can register with ICE to receive automated notifications about changes to an offender's custody status. These notifications can be sent to you by phone an/or email.

ICE Victim Notification Program


  • ICE is committed to protecting the public and ensuring that victim rights are carefully observed.
  • ICE can initiate removal proceedings against criminal aliens who are convicted of certain crimes.
  • ICE takes custody of the inmate after the criminal alien has completed their federal or state criminal sentence.
  • The removal process can take from several days to several months. Generally, the criminal alien remains in custody until ICE can remove the criminal alien to their country.
  • On occasion, ICE may not be able remove a criminal alien. This can happen for several reasons – the most common being the inability of ICE to secure travel authorization documents for the alien. Depending on the situation, ICE may have to release the criminal alien under an order of supervision or on bond.

Although ICE makes every attempt to control illegal entry into the United States, ICE cannot ensure that the offender will not reenter the United States illegally.

  • Once the criminal alien is placed in ICE custody, the Victim Notification Program will provide information to eligible victims and witnesses who register to be notified of release related activities.
  • Victims and witnesses must submit the "Victim Request for Notification of Criminal Alien Status" form.
  • ICE will make every effort to keep victims and witnesses advised of the release status of the offender. Registered victims and witnesses will be advised when the criminal alien is released from custody or removed.
  • Occasionally, ICE transfers criminal aliens between custodial facilities. ICE will not routinely notify victims or witnesses of these internal transfers. However, any victim or witness may learn the location of an offender by calling the Victim Notification Program.
  • If you have previously submitted a victim impact statement to the court or parole board, you may forward that statement to the Victim Notification Program and request that it be presented to the government’s attorney for consideration by the immigration judge.

How Can You Be Notified?

In order to be notified, a victim must submit the PDF registration form**. Information on the registration form is confidential and will not be disclosed to the criminal alien. **NOTE** If your case originated in Washington County Wisconsin, the Sheriff's Office can assist citizens with providing information for the form.

If your contact information changes, you must advise the Victim Notification Program. You may also withdraw your request for notification by contacting the program.

By mail, phone or fax:

Homeland Security Investigations
ICE Victim Notification Program
11320 Random Hills Road, MS 5122
Fairfax, VA 20598-5122

Phone (Toll free): 1-866-872-4973
Fax: 703-877-3205

For additional resources and information visit the DHS Blue Campaign website.


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