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Washington County Wisconsin Sheriff's Office serves the county in many ways. We handle the 911 Dispatch Center calls, Court Safety, investigate crime, oversee the Jail and Juvenile Detention Facility and give educational presentations, to name a few. Take a look through our website and find out how we keep you and your family safe in Washington County.

About Us

The Washington County Sheriff's Office is located in West Bend, Wisconsin.  Our Deputies and staff perform the following roles for this community:

  • Enforce federal, state and local laws and ordinances;  
  • Investigate crimes Maintain order at civil proceedings;
  • Provide security in the courthouse and court system; 
  • Transport prisoners to and from court;
  • Assist the citizens of Washington County when requested for various non-criminal matters;
  • Maintain a County Jail
  • Provide a Huber Facility and Electronic Monitoring Program;
  • Operate a Juvenile Secure Detention Facility; 
  • Provide 911 Dispatch services to the citizens of Washington County including many of the municipalities for fire, rescue and police;
  • Provide support to the citizens through the computerized record system;
  • Research and plan for future improvements of the department procedures with the use of new technologies;
  • Operate the Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Unit;
  • Maintain Washington County SWAT Team;
  • Maintain Washington County Dive Team;
  • Provide D.A.R.E. and other educational and public relations programs
  • Organizational Chart PDF

In addition to the above Deputy duties, the Washington County Sheriff's Office oversees the County Jail and the Juvenile Detention Center. With a Jail Administrator, Lieutenant, six Sergeants and 59 Corrections Officers, these facilities are providing safe facilities for inmates and security for our residents.

Please visit the different links on this site to learn more about the many different duties performed through the Sheriff's Office. Detailed information, rules, regulations and community presentations are described, along with contact information for all sections of the Sheriff's Office.

Thank you for visiting our website. If there is any additional information you are looking for, please call our main number from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 262-335-4378.


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