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What to Expect: Information regarding the Booking Process, DNA Samples, Huber, & Electronic Monitoring.

The Booking Process

Q. What's involved in the booking process?
When reporting to the jail please have your ID and paperwork ready-
* Failure to have an ID with will slow down the booking process (especially for individuals that have not been booked before as a positive identification is necessary to complete a booking record)

* Have a copy of the criminal complaint from the case being booked with if possible. (booking may be slowed down due to having to retrieve a complaint from the courts)

* Copies of fines are necessary for closure of a booking if the resultant disposition from the court is a "fine only"
Leave all non-essential items in their vehicle including jewelry -
* Jewelry, belts, certain shoes will set off the metal detector and may have to be removed in order to pass through the area in which the metal detector is located.

* Pictures will need to be taken and jewelry is not allowed (piercings need to be removed for the photo)

* Electronic devices are NOT allowed into the jail (cell phones, tablets, etc.)

* Only the person being booked is allowed back into the booking room (relatives, children etc. are NOT allowed to accompany the person being booked into the Jail)
Expect to sometimes wait over an hour or more -
* Jail operations and new bookings will take priority.

* The Jail is a County located juvenile facility and as such, Juvenile matters will take priority over Court bookings and will potentially slow down the booking process.

* If there were individuals heard in court preceding your case, they may be booked in front of you as well.

* Bookings are completed on an arrival basis, your place in line will not be held if you leave and come back later.

* The booking process, depending upon the volume of individuals needing to be processed, may take from 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on what needs to be completed. (DNA, Prebook, Book and Release etc.) Plan on having to spend a substantial amount of time waiting.
Personal information is gathered -
* Name, D.O.B., social security number and employment history are needed.

* Employers information will include: Work Address and phone number; (Supervisors name and phone number; rate of pay and paydates- for pre-book (Jail Sentences only))

* Emergency contact information including address and phone number of the person that is being identified as the contact. They will NOT be contacted unless there is a need while the individual is in custody.
Q. What is involved in taking DNA?

* Refrain from eating and/or drinking prior to having the DNA taken.

* Have your ID and paperwork ready.

* DNA is taken by Buccal Swab only. (It does not include a blood draw)

The Jail will complete a records check to see if there is already a DNA sample on file with the state, in the event of a DNA sample being on file already, no new sample will be taken.

* In the event of DNA having been taken at the time of arrest, a new DNA sample will be taken upon conviction.

* DNA will be taken on ANY Misdemeanor Conviction with an Offense date after 4/1/2015, this may include traffice Offenses that are being charged as Misdemeanors.

* DNA will be taken on ALL Felony cases with a Conviction date after 4/1/2015.
Q. What is the difference between a regular booking and a pre-booking?
A person booked on their charges prior to their court appearance may still have to be booked at the Washington County Jail depending on where they were originally processed.

* Bookings completed at the municipal level and released from there, do not meet the Courts' requirements for records puposes and a new booking will have to be completed at the Jail upon initial appearance in court on a person's new charges.

* Dependent upon the original reason, a person that was booked into the Jail on the date of their arrest (Probation hold for example), that person may have to be booked on their new charges after their intiial court appearance.

* During the Pre-book process, a complete update of the individual's record will take place, along with gathering information about their employment. Failure to bring in information regarding employment MAY result in an individual being delayed in release for said employment.

* Individuals seeking child care and/or family care release from Jail will have additional requirements set forth by the Jail and may not be release until all documentation, requested by the Jail, is produced. All childcare/family care is subject to approval by a supervisor prior to exercising Huber release.

* Self-Employed Huber individuals are required to provide proof of income tax paid on their business prior to being allowed to exercise their right of HUber for their business. Copies of contracts and liability insurance may be required as well.

* Individuals required to report Forthwith from court may be required to sit in the Jail for up to 48 hours or longer depending on the Jail's ability to confirm employment status with their employer.

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Electronic Monitoring

* Electronic Monitoring within the confines of the Washington County Jail is subject to a case by case evaluation, persons convicted of their 3rd and subsequent OWI may have a mandatory waiting period within the Jail prior to their being allowed out on electronic monitoring, certain charges will greatly reduce the chance of being considered for electronic monitoring, including, but not limited to, drug offenses and violent offenses.

* Electronic Monitoring within another county is subject to approval by Washington county, if an offense does not meet the requirements for Electronic Monitoring within Washington County, it will NOT be allowed for another county.

* While the Judge can state he/she has no objections to Electronic Monitoring, the Sheriff has the final approval and can deny an individual being placed on Electronic Monitoring.

Huber Transfers

The Washington County Jail and the Sheriff of Washington County have the final say in whether a person is allowed a transfer to another facility. The Judge in your case may only state an objection or non-objection to the serving of a Jail sentence at another Facility.

* As a general rule, a person will not be considered for a transfer to another facility if they are not employed within the County where they wish to transfer to.

* There is a fee charged at the current rate set forth by the Jail to attempt a transfer to another facility, this fee is charged regardless of acceptance by the other facility.

* The facility receiving the transfer request has no obligation to accept a person as a transfer to their facility, nor do they have to state a reason for denial of the transfer.

Current (11/2015) Fee's charged by the Washington County Jail

Individuals required by the Courts to spend time incarcerated within the Washington County Jail will be required to pay Huber Board as set by the Washington County Jail.

The current rates are:

* Non-Working Huber fees: $5.00/Day
* Student only (High School or College): $5.00/Day
* Working Huber: $20.00/Day
* Electronic Monitoring: $26.00/Day
* Booking Fee: $30.00
* Transfer Request Fee: $50.00
The Washington County Jail screens ALL reporting Huber inmates (including those coming forthwith from court) for Drug and/or Alcohol use. Determination of use for illicit drugs, non-prescribed drugs, and/or alcohol will result in loss of Huber privileges for an indeterminate amount of time to be decided by Jail Staff.


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