Washington County Adult & Juvenile Detention

Washington Co Jail and Juvenile Detention provides secure detention facilities for both adults and juveniles. Jail and Juvenile rules, regulations, vistation times will all be located in this section. 


The Washington County Detention and Corrections Facility shall endeavor to provide a safe facility for the citizens of Washington County, the staff, and the inmates housed within, by establishing methods to insure security, control, and order.

The WI Washington County Jail address is:

500 Rolfs Avenue  
West Bend, WI 53090  
Phone Number: (262) 335-4427 
Fax Number: (262) 306-2251

The Jail visitation hours vary.  Please see our visitation pages for Professionals and Family/Friends

The following are links to specific areas of information in the County Jail. Some of these pages are brief overviews of the acivities within the Jail, others give specific rules, regulations and inmate and family instructions.

Information provided through these pages may change without notice. Please check back for current rules, regulations and visitation times.

If you have any questions about topics not covered here, please contact us at 262-335-4427.



Want to know the rules of either Huber or Straight time inmates? You've come to the right place. This should give you some idea of what is required and some of the rules for the Washington County Jail. Read More . . .

ClergyClergy Visits

Inmates of the Washington County Jail are allowed visits with Clergy members during professional visiting hours. They must complete an application to qualify.

Read More . . .

lockElectronic Monitoring

The Washington County Jail allows a limited number of inmates the opportunity to serve their sentence in the community. Specific qualifications are listed below to apply for this program. Read More . . .

jailGeneral Information

Inmate Accounts, complaints mail, programs and diets are all covered in this section. There are rules on phone calls, magazines, and information on all general life as an inmate. Read More . . .

jail historyHistory

Learn about the history of the Washington County Jail from beginning to present.  Find out how many were inmates and how many were Corrections Officers - Then and Now!  Read More . . .


Some Washington County inmates are granted, by the Judge, the right to leave the Jail under Huber Law privileges. The jail determines how the privilege will be exercised. Read More . . .

juvenilesJuvenile Detention

When youth are securely detained for offenses committed as a juvenile, they will serve their stay in Washington County Juvenile Detention.  Read More . . .


Our photos cover officer training and a tour of both the jail and the juvenile detention facility.
Read More . . .

VisitorsVisitor Information

Inmates are allowed visits based on schedule and rules. Specific times are set for different inmates. Please review the listings carefully.
Read More . . .

briefcaseProfessional Visitors

The Washington County Jail provides specific rules for visitors involved in the legal actions of the incarcerated. Please note rules for these contacts.
Read More . . .