Washington County Sheriff - Records Notice

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office promotes effective citizen oversight by fostering a policy of open government. We strive to accomplish this by releasing records and giving access whenever legally possible.


The Washington County Sheriff’s Office provides the following service(s) to Washington County government: The Sheriff’s Office strives to provide and environment of stability and security in the community; to enforce Federal, State and County Laws; to perform functions designated to the Office by the Constitution, State Statutes, and County Ordinance.

The Sheriff’s Office is located at 500 Schmidt Rd in the City of West Bend, WI. Regular office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for holidays.

This Office is a local public office within the meaning of Wis. Stats. Sec. 19.34(1). The legal custodian of the Sheriff’s Office’s records is Lt. Martin R. Schulteis. Information about records and access to records is available from the legal custodian and/or designee at the front counter of the Sheriff’s Office

Certain Sheriff’s Office records may be exempt from disclosure under the Wisconsin Public Records Law because they are protected under common law, confidentiality requirements, court decisions, lawyer-client privilege or local, state or federal regulations, rules, or laws.

Public records will be made available for inspection at the Sheriff’s Office during regular office hours. No original record may be removed.

Copies of public records may be obtained upon request at a cost of $.25 per page (or as provided by other ordinance or state statute) for regular photocopies made by Sheriff’s Office staff, or for the actual, necessary, and direct cost of reproduction in all other cases. A location fee may be charged if the cost of locating a requested record exceeds $50.00. Advance payment may be required if charges exceed $5.00.

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