Washington County Sheriff - Land & Water Patrols

Washington County is host to a wide variety of scenic destinations for recreation enthusiasts and sportsmen alike. Keeping these areas safe for citizens is a goal of the Sheriff’s Office.

ATV's, Boats and Snowmobiles


ATV PATROLSEisenbaun Trail

With the growing recreational use and popularity of the Eisenbahn Trail came increased concerns over public safety and the potential for illegal activity in this area have increased. To address these concerns, the Sheriff implemented single deputy ATV patrols on the Eisenbahn, as time and manpower permits. Approximately 42 hours of patrol were conducted on the trail between May and September. Three county ordinance citations were issued for marijuana use.

The citizen feedback on these patrols was very positive and the patrols afforded deputies the opportunity to interact with trail users, issue baseball cards to children and answer questions from the public.


The Sheriff’s Office continued its snowmobile program under a grant from the State Department of Natural Resources. Approximately 28 hours of patrol were conducted on snBoat inspectionowmobile trails throughout Washington County. An additional 36 hours were spent on related snowmobile program and enforcement activity. Two injury accidents were investigated. In one notable incident, deputies from the Sheriff’s Office responded on snowmobiles to the Kettle Moraine State Forest in Fond du Lac County to assist in the rescue and transport of a seriously injured snowmobiler.


BOAT PATROL boat stop

On February 13th, 2008 the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the Village of Richfield entered into an agreement where the Sheriff’s Office provides marine enforcement within the borders of the Village of Richfield.


The program is contractually funded by the Village of Richfield and managed by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. Specially trained deputies monitor lake activity on the Village’s waterways to promote the safety of the citizens using public waters during the boating season. The deputies enforce state boating laws and local Richfield Ordinances while utilizing the patrol boat.


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