Washington County Detective Bureau

Whether it’s a simple or complex case, Detectives work each day to put together the pieces that solve crimes in Washington County. 

Following Leads and Making Cases

The Detective Bureau consists of a Lieutenant, six Detectives and two Investigators. Their primary mission is to investigate time-consuming, complex or specialized crimes that are not practical for patrol deputies to investigate.

Investigators are able to respond 24/7 to crime scenes at the request of the Patrol Division and other law enforcement agencies throughout the county for such serious crimes as death investigations, structure fires, arson, fraud, financial crimes, identity theft, computer crime and sensitive crimes such as sexual assault and child abuse. Investigators attend specialized training in these and other areas to stay current in investigative techniques and evidence collection.

Upon request, Investigators are also tasked with assisting other municipal police agencies with complex or internal investigations.

Evidence Room - PatrolThe Detective Bureau is in charge of all evidence related matters. Investigators are responsible for overseeing the proper collection, seizure, documentation and maintenance of evidence collected by Deputies and Investigators.

The Sheriff's Office has special facilities and equipment in which evidence is examined and stored to prevent contamination and to preserve the chain of custody of evidence from its collection in the field to its presentation in court proceedings.

Evidence Room Detective Bureau

One Investigator has been trained in computer forensics, the deciphering and collection of data and evidence from computer hard drives and other electronic devices. Several Investigators are also trained in the use of CVSA (Computer Voice Stress Analysis), a system that uses the naturally occurring stress in a person's voice to determine if the person is being truthful or not.

Investigators also perform an educational role for the community by providing presentations on a diverse range of topics, such as drugs, school safety and identity theft.

The Detective Bureau is supervised by Lt. Tim Kemps. He may be reached at 262-335-4846.


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