Washington County Sheriff - Internship Program

Through its Internship Program, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office provides a unique learning experience for area students pursuing a career in law enforcement .

Internships for Law Enforcement Students

In cooperation with area technical colleges, the Sheriff’s Office offers an internship program for students enrolled in a law enforcement degree or certification program. Over the course of a semester, students participate in ride-alongs and practical exercises with experienced Deputies and learn how to apply their classroom knowledge to real life situations. They also observe how the various divisions within the Sheriff’s Office work to provide county residents with the best law enforcement service possible.

These internships are restricted to students who are Washington County residents. The student must be enrolled in a college law enforcement program and be sponsored by the coordinator or director of the program. Any student request for an internship should be made through the college. At times, we cannot accommodate all the internships that are requested.

This program is administered through one of our operations supervisors at 262-335-4420.


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