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That phrase is displayed on our patrol squads as a daily reminder of our responsibility to provide citizens with the best service possible. The Deputies that patrol your community have a vested interest in keeping your county a safe place to work and live. 

Dedicated to Serve

The Patrol Division is responsible for the day to day law enforcement functions of the Sheriff’s Office. A staff of 49 sworn Deputy Sheriffs are supervised by an Operations Captain, 6 Patrol Lieutenants and 4 Patrol Sergeants. In addition, 24 part-time Special Deputies provide contract security for area events and assist in the transport of prisoners.

Deputy Sheriffs engage in a wide range of activities from performing routine patrols and responding to emergency and non-emergency calls, to investigating crimes and enforcing our traffic laws.  When required, they are assisted by the Detective Bureau, Drug Unit and other specialized teams. In 2015, Deputies responded to, or self-initiated, over 46,875 individual incidents which generated 4,548 police reports.

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Deputy Sheriffs have jurisdiction within all 436 square miles of Washington County, including all municipalities. Their primary responsibilities are to protect life and property, enforce federal, state and local laws and to provide other law enforcement services to the county’s citizens.  The Sheriff’s Office is the primary law enforcement agency for the county’s 12 townships, its 8 unincorporated communities as well as the Villages of Richfield and Newburg.

The Sheriff’s Office is committed to squad truckanswering requests for services countywide. Town, village and city residents alike benefit from the activity and services provided by the Sheriff’s Office on a daily basis. In 2015, over one-third of the people named in police reports were residents of townships, while another one-third were residents of our cities and villages within Washington County.  Approximately one-quarter of those people named in accident reports were township residents, while one-third were from the cities and villages within Washington County. The remaining balance of our services are provided to out-of-county residents. As you can see, Deputies cross paths with people from all areas and all walks of life.  They strive to provide the same high quality of service regardless of where you live.

For more information about the entire Operations Division of the Sheriff’s Office, please check our links to the Detective Bureau, Drug Unit, Communications and Special Units pages.

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