Washington County Sheriff - Special Units

Washington County Wisconsin Sheriff’s Office enforces the laws and keeps our community safe. Many of our deputies are trained in specific areas for search and rescue, water and recreational vehicle safety and more.

Special Units

In Washington County the Sheriff’s Office deploys special units to investigate incidents where specialized training is necessary. Each unit is comprised of specially trained Deputy Sheriff's who work their regular hours and may be called upon for this specialized training.

These Special Units Include:


Besides being called upon for their expertise in these areas, most of these deputies also give presentations to clubs, organizations and schools. The Washington County Sheriff's Office offers these presentations to keep the residents of our county informed. This information may help deter crime, identify dangerous drugs and symptoms of drug abuse and road safety.

More information is provided on these individual units by selecting the links on the left navigation bar above. If you are interested in a presentation, please call the phone number listed on the page for that particular specialty.


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