Washington County Sheriff - Traffic Safety

Be attentive while driving, wear your seatbelt and drive the speed limit. Here are some ways our Deputies are keeping Washington County roadways safe. It helps to remind people to slow down, drive with care and not get frustrated while driving.

Help Keep Our Highways Safe

Traffic safety remains a high priority for the Sheriff’s Office. Through high visibility patrol and the enforcement of traffic laws, patrol Deputies strive to reduce accidents, injuries and motor vehicle related deaths on our county highways.

Over 3,699 traffic citations were issued by Deputies in 2019.


Speed of car on highway shown on trailer

Speed trailer The Sheriff’s Office continues to participate in grant programs through the Wisconsin Bureau of Transportation Safety for enhanced speed and/or drunk driving enforcement. These grants are used to put additional patrol Deputies on the road to enforce speeding and drunk driving laws. In a collaborative effort, a portion of these funds have been shared with the local police departments in West Bend, Jackson, Germantown and Hartford.


The Sheriff’s Office wants to be responsive to traffic-related problems which are reported by concerned citizens. If you have a specific traffic-related concern, you may contact the Sheriff’s Office at 262-335-4420. Ask to speak to a shift supervisor. The supervisor will discuss the problem with you and explain what options may be available, such as additional patrol in a specific area, setting up a radar trailer or even a referral to the Highway Safety Committee.

Special assignments such as these are conducted as time permits. Please be aware that the Sheriff’s Office receives several hundred special traffic enforcement requests from citizens each year. We do our best to give each request an appropriate amount of attention.


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