Community Hunting Ordinances

Washington County municipalities have set Ordinances surrounding the use
of rifles during deer hunting season. Review these before you hunt in these areas.

2019 Deer Hunting Season Rifle Ordinances*

(This information was last partially updated on October 11, 2018). As we hear from the municipalities we will update this page.  If you have a question, please contact the town hall or village hall directly.

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Town of Addison Rifles Allowed (2018)
Town of Barton Rifles Allowed (2017)
Town of Erin Rifles Allowed (2018)
Town of Farmington Rifles Allowed
Town of Germantown Contact Township for Firearms Rules
Town of Hartford Rifles Allowed (2018)
Town of Jackson Rifles Allowed (2017)
Town of Kewaskum Rifles Allowed (2018)
Town of Polk Rifles Prohibited (2018)
Town of Trenton Rifles Allowed (2017)
Town of Wayne Rifles Allowed (2018)
Town of West Bend Rifles Prohibited (2018)
Village of Germantown Rifles Prohibited
Village of Newburg Rifles Prohibited
Village of Richfield Rifles Prohibited (2018)
Village of Slinger Rifles Prohibited


* Local Ordinances that are passed prohibiting the use of rifles within the township or village includes all land within the town or village, including state hunting land.

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