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The Washington County Sheriff’s Office has started the enforcement of spring seasonal weight limits that are imposed by individual municipalities within Washington County.  Some roadway sections are too weak to withstand even the legal load limit during the springtime freezing and thawing period.

Spring 2015 Road Restrictions

These roadway sections have signs posted indicating the allowable weight limits during the period normally from the second week in March till late April or early May.  The road postings are intended to minimize damage to the roadways during this critical time period. 

Local road maintenance authorities are responsible for determining exactly when their roads are either frozen or thawing and whether sections should be posted for weight limitations.  Deputies will begin to enforce these seasonal weight restrictions on roadways that are posted.

Wisconsin State Statute 348.17 relates to the violation of special weight limits and has a total forfeiture of $271.50 per violation. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office also has officers specifically trained truck inspectors that take action based upon calculating the weight overload of the vehicle in relation to the specific roadway.  The restrictions on roadway weights vary from road to road.

Here is the current list of roads under the Sheriff’s Office authority. 

Town of Hartford

Hilldale Rd - Permanently Posted
Hall Rd - Permanently Posted
Turtle Rd - Permanently Posted

Town of Kewaskum

Highland - Permanently Posted
Kettle View - Permanently posted

Town of Polk

Arthur Rd Hwy NN East to Hillside Rd
Arthur Rd Rail Road Bridge
Cedar Creek Rd Hwy C & Lilly Rd W. TO Hwy 41 Bridge
Hillside Rd South of 175 to Pioneer Rd
Hillside Rd Hwy 175 to Sherman Rd
Lovers Lane Cedar Creek Rd, South to Hwy 41
Mayfield Rd Hwy C, North to Pleasant Valley Rd
Mayfield Rd Western Ave to Sherman Rd
Mayfield Rd Hwy 60 to Sunset Graze
Mill Rd From Mayfield Rd, East 1/2 Mile
Pleasant Valley Rd Hillside, East to N. Mayfield Rd
Pleasant Valley Rd Hwy 45 West to Mayfield Rd
Scenic Rd 1/4 Mile N of Hwy 60 to Cedar Creek Rd
Sherman Rd Sherman Way, East to Hwy P
Sherman Rd/Fond du lac Drive Hwy C to Hwy 175
Slinger Rd South of Hwy 60 to Pioneer Rd
Slinger Rd Hwy 60 to Pioneer Rd
Stoney Lane West of Hwy C
Tillie Lake Rd Hwy 60 to Mayfield Rd
Western Ave East of Hwy 175 to Hwy P

Additional Towns and Villages

Town of Addison None at This Time
Town of Barton Newark Permanently Posted
Town of Erin All Town Roads Posted 10 tons
Town of Farmington Jay Rd Permanently Posted
Town of Jackson Western Permanently Posted
Town of Trenton None at This Time
Town of Wayne None at This Time
Town of West Bend None at This Time
Village of Richfield All Town Roads Posted, Except:


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